Founded in August 2009, Nanjing Zhengcheng Shipman Management Co., Ltd. is a professional maritime service management company, which is officially registered with the General Administration of administration of Nanjing Administration for Industry and Commerce of Jiangsu Province and issued by Nanjing human resources and Social Security Bureau. It is a professional maritime service management company integrating ship management, crew management, cruise ship service, labor technical cooperation and maritime technical service consultation The company's continuous growth, the vigorous development of various fields, especially in early 2015 and Singapore ocean Tankers oil transportation group Co., Ltd. signed a crew cooperation agreement and became the crew dispatching center in East China. After signing the crew dispatch base with Nanjing Oil Transportation Co., Ltd. of Changhang group in early 2016, the crew team expanded rapidly. In order to better serve the crew and ship owners, the company established a crew dispatching center in ocean, Singapore in 2017 With the strong support of tankers oil transportation company, the crew dispatch center of Nanjing Zhengcheng Marine International Service Co., Ltd. was registered and established. It is a full-time crew labor service dispatch business. It also cooperates with Jiangsu International seafarer Service Co., Ltd. to develop the ship owner market of COSCO COSCO Group, a central enterprise, to provide more seafarers with high-quality employment opportunities!